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How to flash Openmoko flash images very fast
Fri May 29 01:31:39 CEST 2009

There is a very nice and fast alternative to using dfu-util to flash images on the Openmoko Freerunner phone:

  • boot the developer version of hackable:1 on an SD card
  • use dd like this:
    # cat Hackable1-Openmoko-Freerunner-user-daily-rootfs.jffs2 /dev/zero | \
    		| dd of=/dev/mtdblock6
    for the root filesystem, and:
    # cat uImage.bin /dev/zero | dd of=/dev/mtdblock3
    for the kernel.
    Even better, if you don't want to create a temporary copy of the image to flash, transfer it on the fly via SSH:
    # cat Hackable1-Openmoko-Freerunner-user-daily-rootfs.jffs2 /dev/zero | \
    		progress ssh root@ dd of=/dev/mtdblock6
    139853824 bytes (140 MB) copied, 278.255 s, 503 kB/s

Just omit progress if you don't run NetBSD, or use either this port or this version.

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