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Disassembling Android applications at PSES 2011

Blog post by khorben on 20/06/2011 17:40:00
I was last Friday in Paris, to contribute to a very nice third instance of the "Pas Sage En Seine" hacking & freedom yearly event [1]. I was supposed to host a workshop about unpacking and disassembly of typical Android applications, but as it turned out, the room was too packed for this format to actually make any sense.

Thankfully I had prepared about fifteen slides to introduce the subject, which I have added to the papers section here [2]. This session was filmed [3], and even though I couldn't complete the last part about direct downloads of applications from the market, I mentioned an additional way to obtain them.

One last note: the session was hosted in French but the slides are in English, as well as xterm in the video :)