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Speaking at OWF 2011: Herma for the Internet of Things

Blog post by khorben on 29/09/2011 15:50:52
Last week I had the chance to introduce the Herma project [1] (and team members) during the Open World Forum 2011 [2]. I am uploading the slides [3] and accompanying speech [4] to the papers section of this blog as usual.

Even better was the discussion that followed during the Summit session. It was really open and very interesting. We spoke about virtual identities (3 members of virtual states among speakers), data confidentiality issues, technical solutions for it, hacking, jailbreaking in particular, DIY and fix-it-yourself, law and behavior...

What has stricken me the most is how much the audience was concerned about data and privacy. The situation with Facebook (and similar networks) was discussed in detail, with regard to who owns the data submitted in particular. Another well-received proposal was to host and control access to one's personal data on her/his own smartphone.

This is where I truly hope that Herma will help and bring a solution to the issues raised. In any case, the project is now on github [5] and on IRC [6]. See you there!

[6] #herma on