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Blog post by khorben on 29/09/2011 15:50:52
Last week I had the chance to introduce the Herma project [1] (and team members) during the Open World Forum 2011 [2]. I am uploading the slides [3] a...
Blog post by khorben on 20/06/2011 17:40:00
I was last Friday in Paris, to contribute to a very nice third instance of the "Pas Sage En Seine" hacking & freedom yearly event [1]. I was supposed ...
Blog post by khorben on 30/05/2011 15:59:10
Almost two months without a post?

Well, actually, I meant to post a few notes about how the Gtk+ 2.0 to 3.0 migration went for the DeforaOS project, ...
Blog post by khorben on 06/04/2011 17:21:48
For the record, and because it gave me a hard time, here is how I could finally calibrate the touchscreen of an HTC TouchPro running hackable:1:

# r...
Blog post by khorben on 02/04/2011 18:26:00
I am glad to announce the arrival of a new developer within the hackable:1 project: Adrien Dorsaz, aka Trim. He has already contributed improvements t...
Blog post by khorben on 21/03/2011 19:50:17
This post is a translation of an article I published there in French, with a slightly differing conclusion:
Blog post by khorben on 20/03/2011 23:18:47
I had been thinking about testing the DeforaOS graphical applications [1] on my N900 [2] for a while, but remained concentrated on the Openmoko Freeru...
Blog post by khorben on 13/03/2011 22:27:55
I just announced the availability of the first beta version for dse2, the DeforaOS Smartphone Environment [1] as found in hackable:1 [2]:
Blog post by khorben on 13/03/2011 14:02:26
According to Ohloh [1], I just went over 10,000 commits [2]:
  • DeforaOS 8173
  • hackable:1 1350
  • RunningBear 483
  • Whitix 13
for a total of 10,019...
Blog post by khorben on 27/02/2011 03:27:48
Today (or tonight) I have finally managed to import most of the fixes pushed into DeforaOS since the last meaningful commits to the RunningBear projec...
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