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 <h1> What do I know about me?</h1>
-My name's Pierre Pronchery, though you may know me as "khorben". No, it's not
-inspired from that "5th Element" movie. That's it, that's all.
+My name is Pierre Pronchery, though you may have heard about me as "khorben". Long story short: no, this nickname is not inspired from that "5th Element" movie.
 			<h3>Born and on...</h3>
-I come from Nantes (Loire-Atlantique (France (Europe (Earth)))). I don't think
-I remember anything from my life there, certainly because I followed my parents
-when they left this place, and I was only 3 then.
+I got born in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique (France (Europe (Earth)))). I do not feel any more specific attachment than Europe though, certainly because I have been moving and traveling quite a bit since then.
 Now I live in %CURPLACE%, erm, I mean, Berlin (and it rocks).
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