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What do I know about me?

My name is Pierre Pronchery, though you may have heard about me as "khorben". Long story short: no, this nickname is not inspired from that "5th Element" movie.

Born and on...

I got born in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique (France (Europe (Earth)))). I do not feel any more specific attachment than Europe though, certainly because I have been moving and traveling quite a bit since then.

Now I live in %CURPLACE%, erm, I mean, Berlin (and it rocks).

Person myPerson = new Student();

I always want to be a student. To me it means to always learn and work on new concepts and technologies, in a mixed environment, and with an acute perception of the current state of the art. It also means sharing knowledge and results with the relevant communities, which for me would likely be in computer security, development, and networking. I am naturally a supporter of Open Source Software.

I am currently performing missions as a freelancer. I do not pretend to be the expert in any of these areas, but will always do my best to master a task if it is relevant to my skills, which include:

  • source code auditing (C, UNIX, PHP...)
  • reverse-engineering (binaries, firmwares, protocols...)
  • penetration testing (host, network...)
  • porting software to Linux or BSD (C/C++, Gtk+...)
  • writing hardware drivers for Linux or BSD platforms (consumer, server, embedded...)

If you believe you could use my services for a few weeks or months, or in a way that would allow me to pursue my OS project, do not hesitate to contact me.


I like computers. A lot. Provided they run Unix or any other decent OS. In my spare time I tried to maintain my own (GNU/) Linux distribution, but for some reasons I thought a full rewrite could be much more interesting. This work eventually led to a number of different projects.

I used to skateboard a few hours every week, but these days I don't practice much... Or just never enough... I still get back on it sometimes. Oh yeah, this and Wushu.

Ah and I listen a lot to music. Not a lot of musics, because when it doesn't make me feel like bouncing it bores me a bit, even if I don't dislike it... Enough with names, I'm into hardcore metal electro-punk. I should even play some.

Movies are nice too, and I sometimes enjoy watching some Hollywood or independent production at the theatre.

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