Random password and cypher generator (DES, MD5, ...)

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Makepasswd generates (pseudo-)random passwords of a desired length.
It is able to generate its crypted equivalent.

Inspired from Rob Levin's perl script of the same name (which has no homepage, but can be found there for Debian).


A copy of the HTML version of the manual page is available here.


It just needs a C compiler (like GCC) and make to compile. Information for other systems is welcome.

NetBSD (0.5.3)

Should compile and run.

GNU/Linux (0.5.0)

Should compile and run.

Mac OS X (0.5.0)

A user reported compilation is fine on OS X 10.6, even though the "libcrypt" library is not available on this platform: simply add "LDFLAGS=" as an argument to "make".

AIX 5.3 (0.4.2)

It was also reported to compile and work fine.

Solaris (0.1.1)

The following problem applies to 0.1.0 only; 0.1.1 compiles fine.

I had a problem compiling on Solaris as the echo command doesn't seem to support -e. I use it to write program version and name to config.h. Comment out the 7th line of the Makefile, and run this:

echo "#define PACKAGE \"makepasswd\"" > config.h
echo "#define VERSION \"0.1.0\"" >> config.h


Source archive

makepasswd-0.5.3.tar.gzMD5: f9303ba52592555a45b11e35779ca11f
SHA1: 721f31a2fb913e5b136d3ab0515177e2b7b287f9
makepasswd-0.5.2.tar.gzMD5: cf9cc172c57bf8443514e69ad72ec412
SHA1: 0f40bde9818db53b64a79f37b974a3bbe46a2d1f
makepasswd-0.5.1.tar.gzMD5: b462e4d85718c28551695f825138d924
SHA1: bbb0a0d007aca9d47f456c8b2191d3ae23b3f37f
makepasswd-0.5.0.tar.gzMD5: 539837def561227e4b5ec286ee33b41c
SHA1: 74addba5e7b6e5b5b3376096d3cacfe00889a018
makepasswd-0.4.2.tar.gzMD5: ef95058753742d25f070628166d84815
SHA1: a5eb191f96e444fdc70e9d82b234d8785ab952ba
makepasswd-0.4.1.tar.gzMD5: 3759881f5957a72e3e4d201c50362b67
SHA1: b3c4043606d87197df9eaa6dc65b922449cd2fe3
makepasswd-0.4.0.tar.gzMD5: 03f4d2b005a12eba8401ebcc1f6e81db
SHA1: 7713380eb8bbf3a9145e4ea8ed933084672d8747
makepasswd-0.2.3.tar.gzMD5: cc14e2c67c5f20d7583fa873474f82fb
SHA1: 2ac3ac00d901445b05d5b25d657d2fad3a0f44c9
makepasswd-0.2.2.tar.gzMD5: 7a89e0d07f2e136115b173cbda84a4a7
SHA1: 59bf0459f05f2643ef66dbe804f4fcfd7ca96475
makepasswd-0.2.1.tar.gzMD5: 76a753d7218d0c9b9bb4976f520d6d76
SHA1: 0e38cdefd4086d27de5de6563032778140760c92
makepasswd-0.2.0.tar.gzMD5: b3c00c869e08e6e8137768fa23fdc503
SHA1: 2dbe28e37f6211c800feb2c20331cfffe752c1d3
makepasswd-0.1.1.tar.gzMD5: 84ce3b6f18e8182d75c15ff1a28e3a58
SHA1: 6610b2a7407e0fbf0e3700e863e983cd831f5237
makepasswd-0.1.0.tar.gzMD5: 4dc580856519aebe1c3d06a6222d0232
SHA1: a0b971bd147179005cccd2bcf986c5f1840e45f5

On GitHub

This repository is the current official upstream for makepasswd.

$ git clone

Anonymous CVS

This repository is no longer maintained.

$ cvs -z3 -d co \


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