PHP Explorer

PHP local files Explorer


PHP Explorer lets you browse nicely your web server's local files. It supports these features:

A web interface to its CVS development tree is available at


An online demonstration version is available as well.


This project is known to work with:

To get the "file extension to icon picture" association working, it is necessary to install freedesktop's MIME package. On the Debian distribution it is called "shared-mime-info".


Source archive

PHP Explorer-20070817.tar.gz (contains the Hicolor icon theme)

patch-PHP Explorer-20050512.gz, to be patched against version 20050416 below, like this:

$ tar xzf PHP\ Explorer-20050416.tar.gz
$ gunzip -c patch-PHP\ Explorer-20050512.gz | patch -p0
PHP Explorer-20050416.tar.gz (contains the Hicolor icon theme)
PHP Explorer-20050322.tar.gz

Anonymous CVS

$ cvs -z3 -d co \
    'DeforaOS/Apps/Web/PHP Explorer'


Pierre 'khorben' Pronchery

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