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[IMG]surfer.png 2006-07-16 03:06 93KWeb surfer

This is an unofficial repository for the Gtk+ WebCore port.

The following files:

were created as recommended on the project's mailing-lists, using the CVS revision 20050430. Their compilation and packaging was extremely painful due to autoconf/automake fuckage. The project is apparently dead by now (20060716), and its main developper did not answer my emails so far.

The following files:

contain my own effort at creating a web browser using the technology available from the WebCore project above, therefore consisting of a fully usable Gtk+ 2.0 based web browser, without too many dependencies.

However, for the following reasons this sub-project will now cease development:

This project resurrected with the help of the Mozilla's GtkMozEmbed widget. It can be found here:

It supports additional backends, including WebKit again.

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